Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beware of People asking for Certificate and Transcript!! *UPDATED*


(Example fake celebrity) Everything is fake including their attitude just want to attract attention ^^

* Would you feel surprise that someone asking for your details that they know where are you studying and act like they don’t know what course you are taking but the truth they do really know about it. Other than they even who that person is studying Diploma or Degree! It is impossible that it is a guess you think play pokemon card ar that you will surely win.

He think that he found this person is a jackpot. That person even dare to ask for Degree  Business Certificate and Transcript. Even dare to give people commission if that person give the certificate. Just to clear something this message was not sent to me but sent by someone that ask me to post it up so that the people can beware of thing happening and on the same time so that people will not fall for this trap.

Fake Certificate

(More details was reveal)

Just remember this name “Ray Fong” it can be him or using other username try to trick someone. In this world even people say many times of this dangerous act people will not listen but I will try my best to sent this message to people so that they know such thing is happening. I can say that it is an inside job or someone know that person it is impossible someone that you don’t know will know what course that person is studying, college and studying which level.

Just imagine this if this certificate go to wrong hand and you will not know what this person is doing with it and on the same time risking your life away and what you have achieve so far. On the same time the person have send more information about this person not sure it can be trusted than nothing at all mostly the details is came from facebook so let me share and give people awareness of the surrounding.


This is the details I get so far ^^ not sure it can be trusted or not!!! Giving something to someone you don’t know is dangerous it is like risking your life away. For now I will stop here but if this topic is “hot” I will release more details about this person.


I try to make a conclusion would be that person wanted the certificate and try to print the same thing whatsoever and used it as theirs than paying few thousand to a college to make it so cheaper and convenient way would be take other people certificate and make a fake one. It can be even that people are close to you are doing so. Sometimes you are worry how the F*ck that person know so much about you.

TIME TO FIGHT FOR JUSTICE!! Maybe I will post picture of that person behind this weird activity Nyah-Nyah


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