Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Special LOVE STORY! About a GUY n GIRL

The story of the video is quite nice and lovely on the same time! After viewing it you will surely cry or feel touch from the video



Here is that GUY and That GIRL I was saying about! Don’t you think they look cute? But I think the video is even cuter so make sure you watch first before you judge how bad it is.

So lovely until it TOUCH MY HEART!

After watching the video it telling you that no matter how that person look like even ugly,short,tall,sexy and so on it is important that what come from the heart not what come out from the ass or bullshitting here and there. That is why don’t judge the book by its cover because the cover do not say everything about you but some people judge you by that.

GET INSPIRE BY THIS VIDEO! Open-mouthed smile


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