Monday, November 22, 2010

World Toilet Day “Now You Can Track You PooP”

* Check on your poop how far can it travel ^^

I know it sound disgusting but it is fun to watch the poop flowing away like watching Avatar 3D but this is even better something that is real than something using computer technology to entertain us!!!


Have you imagine that always see poop you is like OMG damn disgusting this and that but it is actually coming out from your own body so it is nothing to be scared or worry about. So because of “ WORLD TOILET DAY” you can spent more time with your poop ever before  because now you can track where your poop whenever they go to Beverly Hills to  Las Vegas.

Are you interested to check your poop how far they have gone? If yes than you come to the right place to check on your poop how many miles have it been travelling it is like a journey! Muhhahaha


If you interested to check your poop here is the LINK!!

Here how it works when you visit a toilet to make big business just enter the website your time and location ASAP and on the same time it is using GOOGLE MAP to trace your poop where it is going under the smelly sewers. I Know you want to try it out so don’t be shy if your country is not in it fret not you can look on other person poop instead.

You all should be excited! Let me show how it look like in the map how the POOP will travel!!!!


You can see that it start at there!!!


See it move the speed of light ^^ Haha

Told ya watching is the next hot thing that people would interested to watch than TV. According to source say that a lot of people are watching their poop is travelling especially in BRITAIN. The purpose of them creating this site would be because not only it is World Toilet Day but also on the same time to giving awareness that most of us do not have proper toilet to be used and also not well build sewerage system.


So don’t miss the opportunity to see your poop or see other people poop I know it sound weird but I bet you when you see it you will be addicted for sure and sooner or later watching poop is your next big thing than Television.  So enjoy while it last before it is too late that it become poop tablet in the future to reduce destroying the environment!

ENJOY Open-mouthed smile

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Albert said...

There are so many places in this world where they don't even have their proper toilet... just dig the ground and do the business there