Thursday, November 18, 2010



(Cutest Girl EVER)

Do you still remember Malaysia PC Fair that without it will not be the same. Even for Car model without them it will not be special and it is like looking on a dull car than looking like a shinning new car only. First thing first I want to make something clear this topic I post because it is request by someone and it is a guy thing to stare, take picture or even stare on hot chick.

So make sure you don’t perasaan that you are one ^^ Haha just joking but sometimes when you see hot guys or girls you wish that person is yours but too bad in life everything is not PERFECT!



Nowadays showgirl, car model whatever people call them they are making a lot of money out of it. But make sure that your face is nice so that when people see people will not puke and the body should be nice too because if ugly people will puke the whole exhibition. The hard part would be to stand the whole day there passing flyers, smile to photographer and the most challenging part would be the flashing of light.

Than obviously having a hot model would be to attract crowd to your booth than to your competitor!



It will be a hard work to stand there the hole day pose here and there but the pay is quite good can go up thousand just to stand for a day. Just becoming a part time model you can make thousand and I wish that I have that body and ability to do it. Some of the model even get free transportation and accommodation just to come to the event and pose.

Everything is given to food too!!!!! Than you get pay most of the well known model that normally you can see most of the event their salary can reach 4 digit ^^ but you are too short than too bad! Can pose to the monkey would be better.



Do you all remember this phrase “nice to see nice to touch once broken consider sold” it is the same for girls “nice to see nice to take picture one touch consider slap” I have warn you if you don’t be careful you will have a nice red makeup on your cheek!!! This is life if you are more gorgeous or beautiful than you will be ahead this world are now not who is smarter will be ahead.




If a fair without girls the environment would be real different! Just like PC EXPO in Midvalley and even GoMobile both of this event is not that successful no camera flashing. No Girls No Camera as easy as that. If your booth don’t have any babes walking up and down than you will surely lose out no matter how famous is your brand. Than it will be challenge for people to find the prettiest and high reputation babes to be their model.

But when PC Fair III 2010 arrive at the end of the year(DECEMBER) you will need to get ready it will be surely pack as hell and camera will not stop flashing until you go blind than only it can be stop. You know red carpet in Hollywood it is something like that it is because Malaysia don’t have such thing than PC Fair is the Malaysian type of red carpet.




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