Sunday, November 7, 2010


This story is very touching! After reading this you will think back what you have done it is right or not. After reading this it touch my soul heart so deep like poking myself with a knife. If you reading this and feel guilty than you know you did something wrong you know who you are so you can’t deny that you have never done before.


It can be a story of a COUPLE! TOO the story is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo touching! Sometimes when people lost something than they will start to regret but it is too late to do anything. Even it is the same if you like that person you should tell the person it is because if that person don’t like you can move down and find someone deserve you better than wasting your time to wait.



HERE is a STORY of a DOG! Very TOUCHING can be relate to real life of a PERSON so before you start reading remember to bring some tissues to wipe your TEARS!

* This picture not own by me send by my friend ^^


So do you learn your lesson? If yes than starting tomorrow appreciate people that are close to you and take every opportunity to chase or get something that you wanted for so long. If you don’t get it at least you try than never try at all. So when you do anything you should be shy if you are shy than you can’t go every far just a walking distance.

Open-mouthed smile

I can’t stop thinking of this and wanted to share!


Just now I was at Starbuck and the the male toilet is out of order so only the female toilet can be use and always full of people waiting for the toilet. So when I enter I make my big business in there. So say nicely it is making chocolate cake in the toilet. So after making my business the toilet bowl can’t be flush so the chocolate is floating there so the next person enter will see it because no matter how it can’t be flush because there is no pail whatsoever.

So I name it as floating SUBMARINE ^^ Than after hearing this song I remember back I remember I hear a funny song name yellow submarine than I just want to share hahhahahah! Than I can’t stop giggling when the next person enter that just actually waiting outside and I imagine how his face look like after he see the floating submarine in there! His face will surely turn “greenDevil



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