Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

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Have you feel that you need to do something CHILD ABUSE around the world you can now with just a raise of your hand you can make a big different not only for your own community but for the WORLD! Normally you can hear a lot of news related to child abuse you can play your part to create awareness to people that it is wrong to abuse their child and we want to educate them and it is still wrong no matter what because it is against the law to do so.

The Child abuse that I don’t want to see would be physical abuse because they are still young and they are bound to make something wrong no matter how hard you tell them or even teaching them. Sometimes even their parents that have pressure at work whatsoever for them to release their pressure they would physical abuse their child just to release their pressure. If you want to release your pressure you should find a different method to do so because not only hurting the child is wrong they can have trauma out of it.

Obviously even other abuse I would not want to see would be all of them such as emotional,sexual and neglect. I can’t Imagine sometimes people even dare to do so they don’t have sympathy whatsoever. But sometimes sad to say nobody can caught them because the kids only know how to cry and feel threatened they would surely would not tell anyone whatsoever. Even child abuse happen at home it happen at close door so nobody would hear or know it is happening.

I only can say that if anybody know people are abusing their child whatsoever please report to authorities as soon as possible before even worst damage to the child become permanent. The person that do so should face the music and they should feel how it feel for the child are feeling a small changes can make a big different.


Open-mouthed smile So RAISE YOUR HAND, STOP CHILD ABUSE NOW! Because you can make a BIG DIFFERENT Open-mouthed smile

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