Sunday, November 7, 2010

PC EXPO 5-7 November 2010 MIDVALLEY

So make sure when you go there is not because of the EXPO better go there for shopping and just drop by there instead!


* WARNING PC BABES found in this post is not from PC EXPO it is from PC FAIR at KLCC ^^

This will big surprise for you all that PC Fair was not at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and some of you did not notice the PC EXPO was that day also right? For me I don’t even know there is PC EXPO until someone told me about it. I was surprise that there is no anything special whatsoever over there. Just want to tell you the truth if you walk around if you are lucky to see any show girl than you are lucky bastard I tell you.

It is not the same without any hot mode,showgirl walking around showing off their hot body. Even without any pervert flashing their camera at the model at the fair would not feel like PC FAIR that is 2 purpose people go to PC Fair to buy gadget and on the same time to pleasure their eye and their little bird bird.


If you are lucky according to rumor I heard that there is possibility will be another PC Fair at the end of the year that I know I surely can’t go but anyway the theme of the PC fair will be different so just stay tune and hope that it will happen so all the pervert can go there and take picture. Do you want to know why that PIKOM is not organizing any PC FAIR anytime soon? It is because PIKOM wanted only 2 PC FAIR per year.

I can say that PC EXPO at MIDVALLEY is the real PC FAIR and the real purpose of it but what we have seen at PC FAIR we surely expect something more at PC EXPO! But I surely it disappoint a lot of people even myself I am not saying about girls but the product or the booth they have there.


At first I saw a BOX like IPAD was interesting to know IPHONE 4 price and IPAD too but the freaking store sell G-PAD WTF with that it is PEK PEK or CIPET! That is first thing come to my mind and only a few thing that interest me not much and they say that they have 1,048 booth but it is like only 200 booth because it is freaking small the place like walk for a while than it is already on the way out.


Tomorrow is the last day surely you don’t want to miss how boring excited is the event it is better to experience it yourself than say! Also the place is not that crowded or even get suffocated in there normally I experience it but for the EXPO I don’t. Even the annoying DIGI,CELCOM,MAXIS and TMNET do not block here and there with their offer like we normally experience at PC FAIR at KLCC!

The offer or the price of the product they are selling there is just like the normal price you buy on the road and according to people that for that product you can get cheaper just going to LOWYAT possibility to DIGITIAL MALL! Nowadays people are quite smart there are not that stupid after all.


This is not related to PC EXPO but the price from official Nokia Centre and shop lot outside there are selling phone like NOKIA more expensive than market price that is selling in NOKIA but normally it is cheaper than that. Example you go NOKIA Centre you can get N8 for RM1600 but outside you can get lowest is RM1550 but other is selling at whopping RM1750 it is freaking expensive man!!!


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