Monday, November 29, 2010

First Ever Sex Robot(Roxxxy) for your PLEASURE! 

First thing come to my mind about this sex robot would be people that want this robot it is because they can’t find any sex partner whatsoever or they are shy doing so for them to have fun they use a robot instead a real person. It is a robot man how far it can go and the worst part would be halfway you are doing and it is out of battery than you are surely will droll all over Roxxxy.

So you all desperate and lonely bastard it is your year to find someone that you can shove your hand into their tut tut!!!

I forget to introduce the sex robot name is Roxxxy! If you want to get laid I think you better friend a girl > Date > Married > Than everything is yours! <<<IF YOU ARE LUCKY!!!! It is like playing with a wall than person with that robot. But I think it will be a big hit because it can’t transmit any disease but make sure you after use you wash it than keep using it without washing surely disease will spread. Even a food left for a weeks on the table and you eat you will get a stomach ache.

Let me talk more about ROXXXY than talking grandfather and grandma story! Let me talk more who created this robot it was Douglas Hines the purpose he created Roxxxy was because he lost a friend during 9-11 attack.

HERE IS THE STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roxxxy is the size of a normal human, it have anatomically correct android and it comes with artificial intelligence because if you want her to do this style like mercenaries or sniper she can even do gymnastic style if you want. For her skin is made from synthetic skin better than nothing right! But sadly her main purpose is sex so she is good in it but for like cooking she is worst than modern girl nowadays. But sadly she is like a dummy sitting on the chair because she can’t even walk or move so your effort is needed if you want to do something to Roxxxy.

For her weight she is about 54kg would be quite heavy to carry her around and for her height she is about 5 feet 7 inch. It will be boring if you have a robot that have the same personalities. But fret not it come with 5 personalities so that you will not get bored of her. Before I forget she have C cup if you know what I mean. So if you interested to have her look like your famous celebrity you can customize your own such as her hair color,breast size and so on. The most important that you can customize would be her personality because we do not want to talking to a wall day and night.

An Intimate Moment

It is like your very own companion that you can have sex with, talk with that is what she can do for now.  But don’t worry what interest you set to her she can talk to her the whole day like there is no tomorrow like talking to your dream partner.Maybe in the future she can even fly,cook good food and by that time we don’t need a girlfriend anymore we can depend on our hand dandy robot girl to do all our job. Even Roxxxy is connected to the internet the purpose would be allowed her to email the owner and on the same time to update her software just like my Windows 7Rolling on the floor laughing!!!!

It is not that expensive after  all it cost about 5,600 EURO >>> RM23,384.00 I think it a fair price for you that you can’t get laid it is your best solution for now. GIIIIIRRRLLLLLLSSSSSS you are not left out soon they will be releasing male version of sex robot that will be named as ROCKY <<<<< sound MACHO right!!!!!


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