Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Weird Looking Stickers!!!

* Before that make sure you do not get frightened after seeing this sticker like someone is stick or dead in the air vent!!

 freaky_stickers_2 freaky_stickers_3

It is nice to prank someone with this stickers is like someone is stuck there and cannot come out. It is not only look scary but it will be funnier when you look on the person expression after seeing that. Can say that who created this sticker is creative but sadly in Malaysia using this i think people will not be scared of it whatsoever.

Do you know why? Not beacause Malaysian people are not scared of ghost it is actually ………………………

freaky_stickers_4 freaky_stickers_5

In Malaysia i hardly see any air vent if it is call as that. For me i don’t see any at all but other i am not really sure but i think the look nice would be vampire theme if they have but it is Halloween tonight right? Not really sure but according to calendar i saw it is actually today.

The best would be sticking something weird and funny at your car for the Halloween thingy. Try to scared the crap out of anyone and should make sure until they crap in their pants if not try harder next time ^^

  freaky_stickers_8 freaky_stickers_9   

OMG!  Look at their freaky HAND 0_0

freaky_stickers_13 freaky_stickers_17

Look at their FACEEEE o_o


For me the best would be this one because it look like someone is dead at the air vent it will create huha at that places and police will arrive sooner or later than it is surely you will laugh your ass off what have happen.


Among all this sticker is the cuttest among all it is like a penguin toy is stuck in the air vent aaahhhhh! So adorable ^^


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Dewi Batrishya said...

LOL.. That is creepy.. XD