Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beach Girl 5(BG5) Girl Band Need Some Recognition


Some of you have never heard of BG5 before right? Me too but found out about them from the TV series “Keeping up with Kardashian” they are not only sound good but they are talented too. I can say that some of band can be famous fast from the company that they are following but BG5 are a bit different they are good but their publicity is not good enough.

Just want to share that BG5 is a talented group and they have what it takes to be on top. Actually when they are young their are call Beach Girl 5 and now they are a bit older their group is rename to BG5. Not sure how old is them but they still look young from how they looks. They are now as famous as Katy Perry or Lady Gaga but at least they are SPECIAL and UNIQUE.



Sometimes in life we don’t need to be famous to be something. Because the more famous we are the more problem will arrive and surely there are their benefit and what not. Have not heard any song from them and only heard a song from the show “Keeping up with Kardashian would be their BG5- Scratch.

Their music video is not as good comparing with other band but importantly their song have the meaning and feel in it that make me want to jump out from the chair. Love it or Hate it because i LOVE IT!

Before i want to end this post i saw one of the girl in the band caught my eye would be “noreen Juliano” because she look cute and singing amazingly too! Don’t you think so too? Will post a few pictures of her so that you will know who i am actually addressing about.

26027_398589179602_94683734602_5033080_4137953_n 26027_398589159602_94683734602_5033077_7699658_n 

Here you are! She caught my attention when i watching “Keeping Up With Kardashian Season 5 Epsiode 9 When Kris Jenner want to introduce this guy call Storm a Gym Trainer that Jenner want to introduce to Noreen from BG5. But during the dinner Storm is hitting on Jenner than Noreen. But the guy wasted his chance and it will not find someone special like her anymore.

Noreen Juliano Exclusive Beach Girl5 Visit -ebFwoop3eml Noreen Juliano Exclusive Beach Girl5 Visit LKaoEN6eliAl

Look Look her new hair style!!!!

Noreen Juliano Exclusive Beach Girl5 Visit MxUrhjwSZhBl  Noreen Juliano Exclusive Beach Girl5 Visit uLO2TP2b23hl

Ya! It make me feel alive again! And some believe in LOVE(Sound a bit Gay Right) lolz! But just want to say that their band is talented and have a bright future ahead. Hoping to hear more from them and on the same time hearing nice song from their band just like their latest hits BG5-Scratch that i can’t stop hearing their song.

GOOD LUCK! Will Support you ALWAYS!

6 Lovely Comment:

yee said...

I smell a Kardashian fans here...

cherie said...

nice site thx 4 helping these amazing ladies get out there!

Jimmy T said...

Yee@ Ahem!Who Who? lol

Cherie@ Happy to help of a talented group! ^^

Kirsten F said...

I have known bout these talented girls for years thanks to my lovely Brooke....I'm glad they are finally getting some major recognition!! Keep going girls so proud of you!! Especially you Brooke hope to see you soon!! Love Kir

Anonymous said...

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