Friday, October 15, 2010

TOSHIBA is making Watching 3D without Glasses

Lately you have notice that 3D is the future of watching movies in the cinema and not long it will be our TV and even or computers will be so different that everything look so real on fake on the same time. It give us a more meaning watching movies and have more feel ever before.

The thing i hate about 3D spectacle would be how annoying it because you need to wear a weird spectacle and you are actually wearing a spectacle it mean you need to wear two spectacle and will make feel uncomfortable watching the movie. The thing i hate about the 3D spectacle would be they keep using it again and again not sure they have clean it or not.


The most annoying thing would be the spectacle that they design is not comfortable for me like i wear a spectacle for a long period of time my right eye will be pain because the spectacle did not slot nicely into my eye and it is resting on top of my eye. Than when i am wearing too long of the spectacle my eye will start to feel itchy or feel like blur or something like that not sure how to describe it.


Don’t worry about the 3D glass because TOSHIBA will be introducing a laptop that have 3D technology without wearing any glasses you can watch 3D with your naked eye. Just stay tune end of this year or next year for the laptop to be in the market. With it you can watching or play in 3D everything look so real. You heard before that there is 3D porn so everything will be so real that it is like squirting on your face instead.

Looking forward of it not so long introducing 3D and now they are introducing with glasses. That is why technology have make our life so easier and on the same time make us sit more and get fatter on the same time. Best thing about the laptop it cost about $1,500 for 12 inch and $3000 for 20 inch quite worth it i tell you.

Best part of it would be you can choose which part of the screen you want it to be in 3D!


This is 3D! Don’t you think it look amazing?


Can’t find 3D type mostly all female picture or noting at all!!!!

YEEAAAA! We can watch 3D with our naked eye maybe in the future we will have hologram to project our show out that imagine we are in the movie and it is like happening for real. Now nothing is impossible because technology now is like speed of light it will not stop no matter what. Sooner or later we will be in a new planet and just imagine how it will look like.

Was searching and searching and found this weird post on the net. Just look it crying out loud because you suppose to look there because it look like rubber aka Silicon just the face look real for others it look like silicon made from CHINA!Haha


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