Thursday, October 28, 2010

What you love about the Blackberry Torch 9800

Do you know the phone will be releasing at 29 October 2010?


Have you heard about BLACKBERRY?

Have you heard about the next gen phone from BLACKBERRY?

Have you heard Touch n Type on Blackberry Torch?

Do you want to know the spec of the phone?

Want to know Celcom Plan for Blackberry Torch 9800?


If this is on your mind, don’t wait any longer i will reveal everything in this post ^^


Before i start sing song about the phone let me show some exciting pictures of the phone!


Touchscreen+Keypad= BEST PHONE EVER! What blackberry portray about their phone is like business phone and with Blackberry Torch 9800 make no different with even nicer and stylist look EVER! From their bad camera and stuff but with Blackberry torch have exceed a lot of people expectation including myself. The design look tough especially the back of the phone and with same keypad that they have all in their phone.



Let me talk about the spec of the phone:

Will post what special from the phone not post the one that most of the phone have like 3G network and so on.

Weight: 161 G (Quite Light not too heavy or too light fit the hand nicely)

Screen: TFT Capactive Touchscreen (NOT BAD at ALL have the same type of screen as IPHONE 4)


Size : 3.2 inches (Big enough to fit the hand nicely)

- Optical trackpad ( Have played many Blackberry the optical trackpad is the best thing about the phone can scroll here and there faster and comfortable)

-  Multi Touch input ( Ya new i can multi touch thing like GOD)

Internal    : 512 MB RAM

CPU            : 624 MHZ Processor

( Can say that it is quite good already compare with Noka N8 with slower speed and cannot open too much application because it will lag but for Blackberry Torch it will be other way around because the RAM is double what Nokia N8 have because nowadays no people want a slow phone)

Memory Card : Can fit memory card up to 32GB ( More than enough to put song and movies ^^)

Camera             : It come with 5 megapixel with LED FLASH ( They have upgrade their phone to 5 megapixel compare with their other phone  normally around 2 or 3 megapixel only.


Other features would be this phone is specially design for social networking whenever you go!!!! Now you can online 24/7 even you are in the toilet doing your business! ^^ On the same time to know the latest update about what is happening around the WORLD!

Even their browser is specially design to do multitask and can open various tab at once and it is more convenient to do thing.

And for the others spec is just normal because all the phone must have that if not the phone will be USELESS!


Let me talk about some special package and reward when you follow Celcom PLAN for Blackberry Torch 9800


Be the 1st to own it with Celcom Exec postpaid plans!

Be the 1st 100 customers to pre-register & purchase the new BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800 today to enjoy the early bird promotion exclusively with Celcom Exec Postpaid plan. Get FREE:
- Jabra Bluetooth Headset worth RM125
- 8GB Micro SD Card worth RM68
- Energizer Portable worth RM58


Celcom Blackberry Torch 9800 Launch Event!

Celcom will be launching the Blackberry Torch 9800 this 28 October 2010. There’ll be amazing deals for the Blackberry Torch when you sign up with Celcom – at the event only! There’ll also be many other fun activities, prizes and giveaways on the day. Don’t worry if you can’t go because the people went there will share the news with you all later on.

If you can’t wait anymore and feel itchy to get this phone ASAP just follow this LINK and your dream would come true


Celcom Exec Postpaid plan – Celcom Exec 50

Get connected with Celcom from as low as RM50 a month!

The plan with automatic discount up to 30% every month!

The more you use; the more you save. It's as simple as that. If you find that prospect appealing, then the Celcom Exec 50 plan is definitely the plan for you.

More reasons why you should choose Celcom Exec 50:

- 15sen call rate to any number. Nothing complicated; just a simple rate to all numbers

- Automatic discounts every month.

- Talk more, save more. The more you use, the more discounts of up to 30% every month

- Low monthly commitment of only RM50.

- FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month with speeds of up to 384 Kbps

- Be part of the BEST with the fastest, widest, clearest mobile network in the country

We get this BEST price because Blackberry and Celcom can be said is one of the fastest,widest and clearest mobile network in Malaysia. Other than that Celcom is the No.1 in Malaysia and also the only Blackberry provider with the best deal and plan in town.


Still remember Blackberry Storm?

I remember when i use the Blackberry Storm the touch screen was bad because it is like pressing on a screen up and down and it don’ t feel like touch screen than like pressing keypad. But today they have improve from nothing to something. But i can say that Blackberry Torch can standout among other and show what is BLACKBERRY is all about.

You know blackberry is good about is the blinking color like saying low battery and stuff. Creative and Innovative!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that if hearing the phone the screen will be off but another thing i notice is that the cover put on the phone it will auto off and when you pull the cover out it auto on.

Other than that you can SMS for free to blackberry to blackberry phone!!!!!



Will let you do the judgment!!!!






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