Friday, October 1, 2010

Do You Want to Know How a Girl or Guys Rate Someone they LIKE?

This is some interesting Equation that i found!

It is between Girl Rate Guys and Guys Rate Girls tpye of equation.


How Girls Rate Guys:


Obviously they rate with their money but it depend on what type of girl is that. Because nowadays Girls normally look for Guys that is rich and don’t care how ugly he look like and importantly give her money that she can spent like the money is pluck from the tree.

Than there is another type of girl that look for guys that suit their taste like looks because no matter how their looks is important it is because is their first impression that a person to attract to them. Than money is important it is because it is a guys job to take care of the girls if no money how to take care a person because now in this world everything is money.


Then they need a guy that is intelligence because know how to make her happy,make decision for her,making money and many more. Other than that would be Humor because a guy with a good humor would make their relationship more fun and interesting than a guy that serious most of the time and like to F people here and there.


How Guy Rate a Girl:


For guys importantly is how the girl look like even they are dumb i am not girl discrimination whatsoever. Because some of the people want a girlfriend just to show off to other people and they surely want 3 type of thing only:

1: Good Looks

2: Nice Body

3: Tai Pao (bxxb)

If you don’t believe me than you ask any person 8 out of 10 will surely agree with me. True love now in this world is like bullshit already because people now have change for good. Even you find a hot girl surely have attitude problem surely money face and totally showoff.

To find a girl that love you what you are are hardly can find already. This kind of breed have been reducing day by day. If you find one than you are really lucky because all their heart is black with poisonous virus in it! So Hot Girls if interested in you than it is something fishy!!!!!!

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2 Lovely Comment:

MizArWeN said...

d 3 criterias wont last long eh...eheheh.

Jimmy T said...

Ya! The one will last is $$