Sunday, October 17, 2010

Something We Imagine Will Not Always Happen!

Do you know what i mean? Sometimes when we do something we expect that thing would come our way but in life that will not always happen and if we take it for granted it will turnout even worst if we don’t do it fast enough. See my other blog at the right corner you can see the post i wrote “The Purpose of Life is to Enjoy Every Moment” don’t you think so?

There is always up and down in our life it is how we handle it at the end of the day.  Another quote that i have learn or hear would be life is too short for us to wait. It mean………


like example if you like a guy don’t just wait and see what is the outcome. Because time will not wait for us even the person will not wait for us. It just our effort that if we one that person we tell them what is in our heart so that the person would know that you are interested in them than waiting it for Christmas or Chinese New Year,

Even we don’t get that person at least we try than waiting for doing nothing at all. Because we will not know until when we will lives until something unexpected would happen. Just enjoy what we have now and we will not have any regret in the future.

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So if you want something chase it don’t just sit there and just fantasize it or imagine it gonna happen anytime soon. Even you fail at least you know that person don’t deserve you and you have more time to find someone that deserve you more than just crying in the room waiting for miracle will happen anytime soon.

Fight for it or just regret for the rest of your LIFE. When thing have happen it already than it is too late to change it because people change fast. So don’t just imagine it make it happen because it is more real than just imagine thing that can make you crazy anytime soon.

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I have read many thing about celebrities that long ago their life is normal and now it change it for good because they have the fame and the money to make people jump up and down. Justin Bieber say that he love to stay like his old life just like a normal kid without any fans shouting here and there. To add icing of the cake he miss his mother.

That is why people sometimes want something and when there get it, they wish that they can get back the thing like their old days. Just like someone you want that you interested to tell them until it is too late to change your dreams to reality and it will always be a dreams no matter how hard you try.


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Last thing I will want to say that if you want something just fight for it and even you don’t get it at least you try. Don’t regret something that you have put all your effort in it because there is not enough time for us to regret something we have done. Have you heard this quote before?

Times is Money! It mean times is valuables so use it wisely than using it for something that is not useful for you for example like a guy that don’t have a future with you just leave him for good and chase something that will benefit you in the future.


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