Monday, October 4, 2010

Wayne Rooney and David Beckam Sex Scandal!


Prostitute or scandal news will not stop no matter where it goes. Before that was David Beckam – Tiger Woods – Wayne Rooney than who will be next crying out loud! If you have a wife take of care her not have SEX with other people that mean you don’t appreciate her and why you married her. They should LOVE her who she is not how hot she look like!


I would start with Beckam during the earlier years when Beckam with Victoria sex scandal with prostitute start to pop out everywhere but lucky beckam wife trust him and this is important to have a better relationship between husband and wife. Sometimes rumor or news that have been spread can be true or just a publicity stun just to make them famous.

For the latest scandal news about Beckam:


According to In Touch Magazine that have published a news that Beckam have an affair with a women(Pic) that named as Irma Nichi that is a famous prostitutes. Than she say that she have sex with beckam more than once and to be more specific it would be 5 times. Than she say that she rate beckam from 1-10 he would be about 7.5 as a lover and he is really good in bending.

Than one and only Irma Nici say that Beckam pay her $10,000 per night it is freaking a lot for a hooker!Haha and after that both of them have fun in the room after that she whip out a condom and they have sex for 15 Minutes. Can say that it is quite fast maybe she is a lousy hooker. She say that sh remember that David uses the hotel lotion to pleasure his “bird bird” but actually it is a type of perfume and burn his little bird bird!!!!


To make the matter worst a someone that name as Elliot Spitzzer madam Kristin Davis saying that Irma Nici story is REAL and not only that she say that she join threesome with David.

The WORLD is round who you gonna believe the publicity hooker or England Football Player? So you decide it is true or not end of the day at least Victoria Beckam trust beckam did not do such thing that is the most important among all rumor and news that is possibility fake.





I think you have heard this news because it is a hot news saying that Rooney cheated on her pregnant wife with one of the most expensive prostitute that can be found. This sex scandal is not fake because he feel guilty what he have done and after that he try his best to give colleen to forgive him no matter what and he know he did something wrong.


The prostitute people are talking about is Jenny Thompson 21 years old that they have relationship or sex for several months when Rooney wife is pregnant Rooney have sex with Jenny and she say that Rooney don’t care about the image of his family and football despite doing something he suppose not to do.

After this incident Rooney form when bad to worse that have affected his career too. According to source say that Rooney pay her about 1,200 pound per night it is quite a lot. But lucky Colleen giver Rooney a second and the last chance and lucky she still love him but when you did something like this the pain will always be there no matter how.


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