Friday, October 29, 2010

A Man try to use his PENIS to hit a POLICE OFFICER HEAD!

Have you heard this EPIC NEWS? LOL

I think this news is quite long ago already but the news is funny as hell! Using his bird bird to whack a police


This guy i am not saying Katy Perry try to use his PENIS to hit the police officer head is he trying some Olympic stunt or GUINESS book of RECORD but if he really trying it than he fail miserably. Than he was drunk on that time too let me share the news with you all ^^

It goes like this:

BELOW (This is how the guy look like)

Marium Varinauskas

The guy name is Marium Varinauskas and he is only 28 years old that is why i heard from people say that the older the person it is the more pervert(hamsap) the bastard would be. The police officer was calling him to come out and without any caution whatsoever “Marium” try to use his PENIS to hit the officer head but lucky she get out in time.

Just imagine how the officer expression if been hit by the PENIS!Haha and also i not sure what Marium is trying to do using his penis to hit the officer and the freaking distance is like so far if only his birdy is 10 feet or something than it is possible. When the incident happen he was quite drunk at that moment with that swing of his PENIS he need to pay $1300.

He said that he did not remember or feel he did the offence. The incident is like this at first he was drunk as hell at home and his girlfriend give a call to the POLICE about his drunken boyfriend at the couch. Than when the police arrive he is on his underpants on the couch and everything is HISTORY.


The POLICE OFFICER that come over was actually a FEMALE!!!!!!!! The police officer try to describe the situation it sound something like this:

Marium stand up just cross of the police officer and on the same time his penis can be seen and after that he try to whip the police face but her(POLICE OFFICER) was fast to avoid the penis hitting her face maybe there is PENIS (OPPPS I add a bit action in it)

Than Marium say to the judge that he can’t remember anything whatsoever but he accept as a MAN. He even say that he never get as high drunk like this before and will take full responsibility what have happen. He say that because of the incident he will stop drinking for GOOD!!!


That is why when we drink alcohol is just for fun not until you drop or until you say something that even a single ghost don’t understand what you are saying. That is why we should know our limit because sometimes we will do something that we can’t control of it. I have heard many drunk story from drinking FISH WATER to running naked in the street i have heard it ALL.

If you are drunk many kind of thing can happen from people robbing you to something like the picture above. If i have chances i would dress or color that person look like a HELLO KITTY so that next time that person would wake up that do not drink until you drop even worst if you are girl more unthinkable thing can happen.



If you don’t mind share your experience of your friend or you ^^ Happy to LISTEN all the funny and WEIRD STORY

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theeggyolks said...

man! that guys sure watched a lot of porn! or else, he wont get the idea of slapping someone with his bird bird =_="