Friday, October 15, 2010

Movie Review Sammy’s Adventures: THE Secret Passage 3D



A spectacular 3D animation of the wonderful adventures of Sammy the sea turtle searching the ocean for his one true love. Along the way, he dodges every possible danger and witnesses how humans are hurting the planet.(GSC)



Hmmmm! How should i describe the movie! I can say they can change the title of the movie from Sammy’s ADVENTURES: The secret Passage to Sammy’s ADVENTURES: The “Sleeping Passage. At first the movie was so adorable and cute of the turtle just hatched and love story start to spark. Than the storyline talk more about human waste that make me feel we human have destroy many thing not only the aquatic lives in the sea like the BP incident.

Than the boring part would be their story keep going and going to more boring part where she found that girl and lost it again and swim and swim again and again until Sammy found her. When he found that girl he thought she have another guy already and the others is history. The storyline was a bit too long that is why it is so boring and lack of humor in the movie.

The thing that is worth it would be the trailer of the next movie that will be releasing in the cinema soon mostly is comedy type of movie.



2/5!!! After watching it make me sleepily and make me wonder that the cinema chair is the best place to SLEEP!!!



This movie i would recommend to kids because a lot of cheezie line mainly for kids like turtle and stuff compare with Ninja Turtle. Would not recommend to the people that love humor kind of movie and also boring storyline of the movie.




This is the cutest part EVER! Love when the baby turtle start to flap it hand to swim to the sea and love the song in the movie fit together perfectly!


This is the boat that the turtle make as his home than in the water! Until it is too big to fit the boat and only they start to stay in the water. Don’t critize the boat they have travel many places with it.


After the incident of the fish net and stuff Sammy was wash to shore and was saved and taken care by the human until the cat did something…


Was caught by an EAGLE and been put into the nest but lucky for him the tree was cut down!


This is the ENDING!!! If you want to spoil the show before you see it than view below….





The big turtle is actually sammy when he is old already and try to save the baby turtle out from the nest that the baby turtle stuck in it. Telling the baby turtle that he know how the baby turtle feel in it because sammy experience it before when he was a baby turtle too!!!!

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