Friday, October 22, 2010

In The Future Robot Could be our WIFE/GIRLFRIEND/PARTNER

* The Future will arrive sooner than expected because now we have more variety of choice of girl or guys to choose from. It is one and only ROBOT and i have read around that there will be a ROBOT prostitute it will solved our problem of HIV/AIDS and possibility of their skill would be better than a human. From auto drive car and ROBOT would change our life forever and would be staying with us for good.


Let talk more about what a guy want from a ROBOT women and history all about it. Men of this century is trying to create a robot that would be their ideal women such as having good looks,doing work and so on. Nowadays they one they want to create a robot that wanted them feel the same as a human as possible.

A robot that suit this would be Aiko that can be our perfect partner. Do you want to know why? Because she can speak up to 13,000 sentences not only in English but Japanese for now. Aiko(Female Robot) can recognize people faces and will know when to say hi to their family members if they see anywhere. Even can pick up dinner or drinks for me that she would know what i really like.


The best thing of all would be she can be like your walking GPS that can tell you direction how to go if you are lost in city of nowhere. The best thing about robot they are patients and when you call them to do something they will not complain and will do it that will guarantee that can satisfy you. But the creator should make sure that all the girl/guys robot that they create should be different.

Other than special thing that i just stated, Aiko will not need holidays like a normal human and don’t need to eat anything whatsoever and i think she only need to be charge. It would be a dreams come true for all the guys that have a Aiko(Female Robot) that can do anything you just name it. As i have said before she is specially design to be like a normal human but are just more faster,less complain, and can satisfy our needs and want.


It have everything like a normal person like touch,reaction and so on but the sad thing that she do not have any sense of smell. In the future human can take over our LIFE like works and so on. We will be just sitting on a chair all the time and everything we need we will call our handy ROBOT to do our works.

Here you can a video of Aiko how she react of situation around her. This would be our solution for girl/guys if we can’t find our true love we can get a robot instead and who dreams not to get someone that can do everything for us PERFECTLY without complain. Less Complain more time to do works than talk only but no action.

Have you heard funny thing people want a robot from. The first thing i heard is that people want to have SEX with a ROBOT for now people would think it is insane but in the future it would be a profitable business. But i can say that one day everything would be control by ROBOT and we would not have anything to do just imagine what would be the future like.


I think the future would be like we will be 24hours/7 days will be just staying at home and we will not have anything to do whatsoever because everything can be done by a ROBOT more efficient and better on the same time. I wish that it would look as hot as the picture on top one day we will be having a challenge to choose a real human wife or a robot wife instead.

Nowadays finding a PERFECT one would be impossible because they are so calculative and have a lot of demand on the same time. Some of them can’t handle been scold or pressure and it give us a hard time for us to even to change them for good. Because in this world is full of challenges for us to improve and to get better we should learn from critics and mistake.


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