Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you believe in UFO it is real or fake?

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Do you all believe such thing Unidentified Flying Object(UFO) ?

Because UFO also as known as Alien have been with us since i was just born have heard about all the weird stuff about Alien. Do you still remember the sticker that have alien on it that is a hot selling and last time alien was famous and funny and weird stuff keep coming out like toys,sticker and so on.

I can say that i don’t believe there is such thing call UFO because from time to time again they can’t find any real evidence that it is real only photo or video footage that can be different what we are seeing from earth to the sky. Because the world is round and it is not square so anything that in the sky can be the sunlight that effect it look like an UFO and it is obviously not.

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To support why i said so that there is no such thing as unidentified flying object it is because scientist and any people that proof that picture or video footage that have been taken it is actually not what you have seem it is actually a normal plane. Because it look different of the sky,sunlight,latitude that make it look something weird flying on the sky.

Even they have proof saying that it is actually most of the time is using the F6 or all the F F plane that can do supersonic that they sometimes mistaken alien is flying like a speed of light. Just to give an example if you are a high place you look down it will look like a small dot dot. Than if you see from below to up you are not sure what it is until you go up and see what is really is.

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According to scientist and researcher or investigator found out that it is actually a real military plane or they are doing a secret flying object that people do not know what is really is because they are doing a new type of plane that can safe them in the future WAR that is possibility have WORLD WAR 3!

People saw it because the military are testing the plane to see how good it is. Than if people take picture or video of it saying that it is military plane whatsoever they will surely denied it saying they did not test any plane. Than if there have proof they will surely say they have but they are using this type of plane blah blah blah!

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Just to tell you people that have experience in flying plane such as jet and etc they will know it is a plane or UFO. Most of them that have experience of it can confirm that it is actually military plane that the government is doing in private or secret. There is proof saying so but that is depend on the people they want to believe it or not.

Most of the UFO that have been taken the picture maybe it is actually a new design for plane that can carry more weight than a normal helicopter. If you have heard news you know that a company make a flying stuff that can carry weight more than ever. Possibility that the whole universe is for us it depend how fast we develop and to leave the EARTH and find a better planet.

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Still remember my post about a spiral looking on the sky at NORWAY? If not view HERE

I forget the story already but it is actually not a UFO and it is something related to the military i forget what is really is but i remember is something related to the RUSSIA,Missile that all i remember for now. I think you google you can find more information about it.

At the end of the day UFO or Alien is still a mystery!!!!!! There is still time for us to find out and most of the time illusion make it look different what we are seeing actually. Even some people are trying to make picture or fake footage to make themselves rich that have been caught in the United States.

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But now ALIEN stuff is BOOOORRRRINNNNGG! It is now Vampire or Werewolf for now!

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