Saturday, October 2, 2010

Caffeine Lover Out There Caffeine Can Kill You!

Woman with a mug of coffee

Most of the Caffeine drinker are older people because during their time there is only one drink call coffee there is no 100 Plus or Milo to drink. Other than that a lot of people like to order Black Coffee in coffee shop that is even worst because full of caffeine with any milk to balance it.

But lucky i am not a coffee freak or lover so every time when i order something i will surely will not order it. I can say this year i drink coffee once only during my EXAM because need to stay overnight to study a freaking subject that i need a lot marks out of it. And thanks for the coffee that make me go through the night until my exam END!

To tell the truth people say drinking coffee make you can’t sleep but when i am studying for my exam i fall asleep i think it make me feel more comfortable to sleep than hard to sleep. Maybe it is because of the air-cond and comfortable place to sleep ^_^ !!


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Wow! Don’t know that Energy drink is bad too! It can say that it is even worst than coffee. I think the best drink to drink even too much would be water because it is the BEST! Water can cure many thing like sick. Do you know how? You drink a lot of water when you are sick it will remove the heat inside of your body to urine.

RedBull is a Energy Drinks than 100 PLUS is in the list too? Even drink soft drinks is not good because it is too sweet! Like everything in this world everything is not good. So remember to drink 8 Glass of water per day. But remember if you have enough of water in your body better stop drinking because drinking too much is not good.


This is the consequences of Drinking too Much Water!!!!!! I think anything you drink or take too much is not good for you so everything take in moderate! That is why precaution is better than cure!


Should tell Megan Fox not to drink too much COFFEE TOO! NOT GOOD NOT GOOD Drink Water is better purer the better!

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Anonymous said...

You mean 'caffeine lovers'. I spotted several grammatical errors in your post. I usually don't harp on things like that, but holy jeez, your post was difficult to read.

You know what else can kill you? Breathing (molecules in the air can oxidize cells), walking, running, eating...

Post hoc ergo propter hoc. That's your fallacy here. Look it up on Wikipedia.

Also, check out a style or grammar guide book. Your punctuation is atrocious and makes people not want to read what you have to say.

Have a nice day.