Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Male being Seduce through WORLD of WARCRAFT!


But look at this hardcore World of Warcraft player see bring baby to play with her on the same time. Surely when the baby is big enough will be full timer World of Warcraft Gamer. According to source say that she is playing in a cybercafe and sucking on her bxxb for milk. Need until like that in public.


(World of Warcraft Cosplay Babes)

Back to the topic after seeing the title it is impossible for a girl would seduce a guy it would only happen it is a fake or a younger person like a kid or something close. Online is a place that is not safe because we do not know the real person at sitting at the computer they can be a pervert,hacker, and so on.

The story start like this 35 years old Angie jenkins is trying to a seduce a young boy that is 15 years old. The 35 year old is a resident of Michigan and she is the first person to be charged with the crime of seduce and underage person into sexual activity. The 35 years old is trying to have sex with the kid at one of the parked that is located at a department store parking lot.

Then both of them is wrong because both of them bluf about their truth age. For Angie Jenkins(35 years old) say that she is only 21 years she look so old for a 21 years old. Also for the 15 years old kid he say he is only 20 years old. Than when the kid feel guilty he say that he is only 15 years old but Jenkins say that it is ok age is just a number.


Never experience seduce on World of Warcraft but in Maple Story i have experience it before. You be a girls character is the best of the world because guys will try their best to buy something for you and even cash item. But if a guy ask for something it is like climbing the staircase up to KL tower it sound impossible that is why.

Cannot find any source saying how she was caught but anyway she is being prosecuted as felony charge. That is why we should just stare at our computer at facebook,online,games to find a partner get a life go outside and meet them. Because you want to know it is their are real or not because if it is actually a guy than i can LOL until stomach ache.

I do not know why even the news,government say it many times but people still fall for that trap. It is easy to detect if the person is real or not at first if the person is too good to be true because in life everything is not fairy tail you need to fight for it and not sure it is fairy enough for you at the end of the day.


woman men

Now i know why she can seduce person so easy by just following this 2 pictures on top you will be a PRO in no time. For a guy in their mind what they are thinking is quite easy to know but for a women it is like playing a MAZE to know what they are really thinking all about.

LEARN it before it is too LATE!!!!

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