Sunday, October 10, 2010

Is Girls Driving Skill is that BAD on the ROAD?

No GIRLS DISCRIMINATION HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girl Drivers

A lot of people are making fun how girls is driving  because they think that they ability and skill of driving is really bad. I would want to say that when girl are driving they are more careful than ever. Even they driving is quite slow this and that at least they never kill anybody. But it is sometimes quite annoying that they are driving quite slow at the fast lane or one lane road that sometimes piss off some people.

Ya they are bad but you should know that accident occur normally is men because they drive recklessly and even in drunk condition not only that they drive as fast like they are driving for the F1 team or something like that. That is why accident occur even they drive a lousy car or cheap car want to race a car like BMW,Audi,Mercedez.

Ya you can be faster than them you think your car safety is as good as them? That is what you should always keep this on your mind before you become a road bully whatsoever.


I can say that some girls or female they drive slow with tak apa attitude like they turn when we see we should know we will bang the curb but the girls will just step on the oil and keep going until they bang something than they will only stop.

Another one would be drive slowly on the road and becareful every step they drive. They will make sure they can pass only they would start go if not they will just stop there until she make sure that she can go through. That is why SAFETY FIRST!!!!


Not sure for other country but now in Malaysia girl are driving more aggressive than guys nowadays like how they cut into your road,honk and etc. Maybe they are bored of road bully pushing them around and they want to show that they can even do it. So next time you see a girl driver on the road make sure don’t look down on them if not you will not know what will happen next.

Even not only about girl driving and stuff! Sometimes when we do something we should not look down on people that is quiet whatsoever it is because they are quiet but each person have their own specialties and ability. Because you will never know in the future what will happen and hit you at the back.


If their DRIVING IS BAD! THAN TEACH THEM than complaining this and that!!!!!

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