Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Again


The person that i hate would be a girl that keep disturbing because she is bigger than me in size(BECAUSE got create girl grow faster) than she would most of the time disturb me by throwing me paper, use her hand to slap my body and many ways that you do not want to know about.

Lucky is that she did not throw me into a rubbish bin or flush me in the toilet bowl that is EUROPEAN style not ASIAN! I would say that during i am young she is quite annoying and it make me worry to go to school sometimes. I still remember when i was young we do not know anybody we are like friends for everybody even they are different. That is why she feel easy to disturb me even do not feel shy whatsoever.

But when we reach Primary School she stop everything that she do to me when she is in TADIKA(Forget what is ENGLISH) I think because when we are young we get mature faster that is why if she do it again she will feel weird or shy on the same time. It is good that this thing have happen because it is one in a life time opportunity experience and it will not happen again in HIGH SCHOOL! EVER

Even my story is quite lousy it is one of the weirdest story i ever write but it is worth it to share with people about our old experience because we only will be in kindergarten once in a lifetime. When we are working in the future we will not have the chance to play anymore and we only can concentrate on our career and money.



Tell us why this ‘special’ person is so memorable to you?

I would say this person “A” is so special to me would because even during the past they disturb me when i was young this and that but at last she is still someone that i know quite well not only that now she always by my side and always support me no matter what. i can say that she is one of the closet friend i have that have change my life a lot no matter it is a small thing or big stuff.

During i was young she keep disturbing because according to fact that the girl is interested of you. I can say that it is really a truth because we are closer than ever. She is different than others girls that is why she is so special to me no matter what. She can make me laugh and supportive person. Even we are not together it is ok because not everything related to guys and girls mean we should be married or couple.

I will describe her in one word would be “EXTRAORDINARY” !!!!! That is why people should not describe a person by just looking at the cover of the book. We should know what is inside too not the outside only!

Here is the TRAILER:

After watching the trailer it will be one of the best comedy movie after Date Movie or EXPENDABLES! It is worth to watch!!!!!!!

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anyway, nice story :)

Jimmy T said...

Ya Kindergarten! Was not finish was halfway through but finally finish! Thanks Thnaks