Sunday, October 24, 2010

A surprise CELEBRATION and a New Meaning!

Let me talk about a short introduction what is happening!


Will start from left to right!

Simon,Doris,Melissa,Me,Vince,Sherry,Xing and Tikkoss ! Finally Jessicat is nowhere to be found in the picture!!! Will post more pictures later on.


At first i thought it was a normal blogger gathering and it is also my first ever gathering and i am a bit nervous and excited on the same time. For me doing it for a first time it give me a feeling of nervous all around my body. Anyway our gathering was at Marche at CURVE was my first experience there and it is one and only. Hope to have more this type of gathering so that i can get the feel of it.


But i can say that it is one a big surprise for me that they celebrate my birthday on the same time and i am so touch. My speech of it is like a bit weird because still in shock what have happen. I can say that i did not suspect a thing until it is time to shout my name out than i only notice it. They “acting” skill i can say that as good as HOLLOYWOOD standard.

Wanted to sit with them a bit longer but too bad have a movie screening on the same day and need to force myself back to the theater. But after the movie END and try to find where are them and they are actually in the LIBRARY! I can say that it is my first time coming to the LIBRARY and this kind of environment.


Other than that have a bit chat here and there and it was fun. The annoying part was the singing and the worst part of it would be the band singing a chinese song that i don’t understand a single word what are they really wanted to mean. Other than that start to know more blogger like Jessicat (Hope i spell her name right)  and so on. But i can say that for me going to the gathering is worth it because there is always first time in everything.

Now looking for the second!!!!! But surely i would want to thank Melissa for this successful gathering.



I want to say that this gathering is something different that i normally do. Actually the following day is my Presentation and i am not prepare for it whatsoever. When i am back home i am feeling quite tired and my end result of my presentation is not really good. But it is ok at least i have fun the day before because this kind of thing would not happen always.

Even how bad is my presentation after thinking of it make me feel happy no matter who. That is why life is about sacrifice and taking risk and i have done that it make me feel a new person. When i turn 20 it is nothing much because age is just a number it will not much different about it.


I would want to thank people that wish people through facebook,blog,phone,face to face and so on. I would want to say that this year of my birthday celebration for me is something special that i have not experience it for so long. Feeling tired for this whole week and today i am feeling quite sleepily now.

So it is time for me to get to BED!!!!


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