Monday, October 11, 2010

Racist People That Actually Saying Themselves!



I totally agree this pictures! Not saying black n white i mean in every country and community have their own problem with racist or discrimination. Most of the time people are saying that you are racist racist especially in the media they are actually saying themselves. It is because it is easy to say other people and it is harder to blame yourself as racist.

People nowadays only know how to blame others but do not look at ourselves first before saying anything to other people. Just to tell the truth normally we can see on our politician even in Malaysia it is quite normal already for everybody. That is why in life everybody is different and have their own unique style and ability.

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We should accept people who they are not how rich or how hot they look. The world is changing to that not the other way around. Just to say that everybody is racist it is depend how much it is, like overly extreme,minimal and so on. Normally people racist occur is between race because you don’t like me i don’t like you type of situation.

We should not have this kind of mentality because we can’t go far if you go far one day something unexpected would happen that is depend on GOD how to punish this kind of people. If you know that you are a racist person beefore saying it on other people make sure that think about yourself how racist it is.

I surely bet with you have encounter many times already no matter where even in the internet,road and so on. In this world is like people like to show off would be normally that they have nothing and people have it all they are humble and helpful on the same time because they have everything they want.



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dannie chOOng said...

always enjoy reading your blog and this one on Racism is a good one. keep it up and looking forward for some funny posting too from you soon...

Anonymous said...

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