Thursday, October 21, 2010



Have you heard about this self driving thingy by GOOGLE?


I can say that GOOGLE is the first company or so is doing the self driving thingy to change people life once and for all it is something like autopilot of a plane if you know what i mean. According to GOOGLE that until now they do not have any defect or fault. Can say that big company like BMW,Toyota have make a technology that to warn us dangers to prevent bad damage whatsoever.


They believe that in the future they will be having 2 type of driving type the first would be a computer self driven and the other one would be actual driver like what are we doing now. Now the trend is hybrid cars as you know. Some people can’t believe that this technology happen so fast. Other than that it say that it have proven that it artificial environment and know to track courses. I have the video to proof to you later if you want to see how it feel or looks like.

Than ABC News get a chances of a lifetime to experience how it feel like self driving Toyota Prius and it is fully controlled by a computer and know what is danger when to stop and so on. Have a look the video below:

According to GOOGLe that it have a number of camera, a spinning laser to detect the surrounding. It say that it can be safer than a normal people driving but it can be self driven or autopilot. GOOGLE say that their goal is not to replace human driver it is just to make their life easier.

They believe that in the future all the car will be having this kind of technologies because computer can see or know something faster than a human so it will react faster too and can reduce accident more than half in the future. It say that the technologies or computer install to the PRIUS that they can communicate wit the system well like traffic,building and so on.


Can say that the car from the Knight Rider can be our future car anytime soon. Love the car can talk,auto drive.shoot rocket and etc. Best CAR EVER! If one day computer driven car have arrive our life would change for good and it will make us more lazy and lazy not only we sit on the car and more lazy without moving our hand or leg to drive a car.

photo.php bmw-x6-red-re-08

Sooner or later people will be fat as hell! Totally agree with people that Technologies really make our life easier on the same time make us more lazy just sit down all our life. Hmmmm it is out of the topic a bit but i was wondering when i will get by favorites car BMW X6 or even a M3 would be good enough.


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