Monday, October 25, 2010




Have you ever play PLANT and ZOMBIE? If not it will not be that funny but nonethless you will surely laugh too! But if you have play the game believe i bet you RM100 that you will laugh like mad after watching this video because he play worst than my grandma i can assure you.

I will explain how to play this game short and simple it is something like this:


You choose what item you want than collect sun than build where you want even in front of the zombie and can enjoy or see how zombie eat plant. It is first time i seeing zombie eating plant than human it give me a BIG LOL in my head.

Than build a plant to shoot the zombie! I don’t know that ZOMBIE is a VEGETARIAN!!!!!!!!

So at first just ignore how bad the quality of the video because i am the person that taking the video also of that it is time for me to change a new handphone. So other than that make make make sure you also ignore the freaking weird laugh actually it is me that laughing like orang sial! Haha and also i feel weird why i sound different in video too!

Make sure you open your eye wide to see the blur video and make sure to look at the key point what are we really laughing because he is the worst player i have ever seen. So make sure you laugh your ass off if you interested to know who is that person i am happy to tell who is the person is.


Not really sure! This game have been here for quite long already still can see many of people still addicted playing this game but for me i have stop already because playing more hardcore games like “HELLO KITTY ADVENTURES” !!! Mostly i can see this game is play by girls and boys can say play less for this type of game.

But i was wondering when will PLANT n ZOMBIE 2 will be releasing anytime soon!!!!!!!

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