Sunday, October 10, 2010

It is a Special Day today? 10.10.10


Does today date is something special to you?

For me it is quite special even nothing special happen today i feel that today make me feel happy what i am. It is a perfect 10 for me because until today i have experience a lot. I have suffer long time ago and have learn from that and to turn a new leaf. Some of the people are know that is damn annoying sometimes until so kiamsiap as hell.

We are just having fun playing games and this person make it like i am owning him 1 million or something like that. Actually also is not me that put the thing at there and keep chasing me because that person don’t dare to ask from that person. So good invite that person still act like a childish person. But lucky it happen on 9/10/10.

I love 10/10/10 because have been busy from 6-9 October 2010 and first thing when i reach home i surely feel sleepy but today is the day for me to rest and enjoy it and also having fun posting image to facebook to make some people happy that demand me to post the picture up even it is time consuming and a bit editing to do. But it is worth it to see their smile on their face.


I just hope that this date that your wish would come true no matter what, even how small is it or how impossible is it. Because some day you will achieve it without you noticing it. Because sometimes we never try we will never know so try it even you fail at least you try than do not know what is the outcome.

If you have try it already you have more time to do other stuff than never try it and just waiting for the right time to arrive. By the time is arrive you have wasted half of your life away. So when you do something you should not have regret even how bad it hurt because time will not wait for us. We should use our time wisely even though it is risky and have more time to chase our goal than waiting the goal to come to us.

SO GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I wish that when my birthday have arrived that something can change my life once and for all even a small step would do because life is not an airplane it is like a staircase we want something we should start from below and all the way up to the top floor. So i hope my dream would come true!

So next year would be 11/11/11

Than the following year would be 12/12/12

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melmonica said...

The next one to celebrate is 20.10.2010 lolz!

Jimmy T said...

Ya totally agree!!!!