Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Son Trying to sell his MOM online on EBAY!

Best part of it that her son try to auction off her mom! Good idea to sell your mom if you hate her so much but we can’t do that. Because there is no price tag for everybody and there is no worth because it is PRICELESS! Will you be surprise that you saw your face on Ebay and you surely will be curious how much you cost!


The story is like this:

The son post up her mom on eBay to be sell with the title “Yiddish momma for sale and other than that it put as collectable categories hahahhaa! Also the starting bid would be at $2 because her son post her mom to eBay would be obvious reason is her mom drive him crazy . This is nice one putted her mom as used condition and also is still good condition.

Her son name is “James Doyen! Her mom say that her son is very innovative and are very good in words and even he hate her mom and they still can get a long. Than her husband say that eBay is a good place to attract or get interest of something.

Do you want to know how her mom would be ship? It is actually by courier service to the winning bidder and not only that it stated that she is a amazing cook and baked one of the best cherry pie.


But obviously ebay will notice it because it is on the hot list and eBay took it down with a reason that selling people in Ebay is not allowed. So make sure that you don’t sell your girlfriend when you are angry because we should not make a decision when we are angry because that decision is not wise and we do not know about the situation because you are just following what your brain telling you to do. Follow what in your heart not something that influence you otherwise.

So make sure when you want to sell something online don’t sell people sell something that is worth it like clothes and stuff. Do you know a story a person doing selling in Ebay i think until one day he get a PORSCHE. The story is like this everyday the person keep trading with something a bit bigger and bigger. I think i am not wrong his first thing he wanted to sell is pen and on and on and on.

Example he want to trade a pen with a book later on book with a table than slowly and slowly from phone to bungalow than to a car and so on. It is something like that you can do it but it take time to do it. Everything can make money it is depend how smart of you and how creative of you. Sometimes a value of a thing can change with a just a simple add on or design to an item.


Example like Princess Diaries!


From this too…..


Princess QUALITY!!!!! I trying to say that we should not always be so fast to make our conclusion and this famous word people like to use would be don’t judge the book by its cover. Because it is just a cover the content that make the different. That is why people said don’t just find your partner just for looks but look what in the heart because the heart will always follow you around.

The face will not last forever because one day the face would be as rough as the tar road in Malaysia and it will not be like yong to fu anymore.


Just want to ask how many girls out there know how to cook nowadays?


( LOOK LOOK Megan Fox look so cute with the spectacle and long hair)

Can say out of 10 only 2 will know how to cook! Obviously they know how to cook maggi mee just throw inside than walah! Everything is done i think baby can even do it. Maybe it is because nowadays girls will not be housemaid like last time there are as capable as guys doing their job and they are easier to trust and will do something with their heart.

Not like guys just doing it for the sake of doing it. So girls out there make sure you know how to cook at least fly rice so easy only just dump everything in than DONE just like MAGIC don’t you think so?


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Daphne Le Lyra said...

ohoho..don't worry,i knw hw to cook..chinese foods?hehe!

Jimmy T said...

At least girl know how to cook than it is ok! Because cooking at home is the best!

Hope i can find someone that can cook for me ^^ must at least the food taste nice haha

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