Sunday, October 3, 2010

Criminal Are Watching your Every Step at Social Networking Sites (Facebook,Twitter)

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Times and Times people have said that social networking website like as Facebook is getting more popular and dangerous on the same time everyday. Criminal using this advantages to watch their next victim what they are doing next and when is the perfect time to take action. Than there is new type of plugin or application that will tell you where you are and this is one thing that giving advantage to the criminal.

As you can see the gigantic profile picture on top people can attract victim by putting hot picture or cute girls to attract guys victim but the one more dangerous is the girl victim. They have said many times that the criminal would make a fake facebook account and try to attract the girl attention by putting hot guys, and everything that is perfect.

Sometimes they are so believing how they say and put stuff so everytime you encounter this remember when something is too good to be true better stop what you are doing because you can be a next victim of rape and something that you can’t imagine that they will do.

The latest news that i heard about 2 of this guys have been monitoring victim facebook account and the criminal knew their daughter and have enter the victim home about 2 or 3 times already and this give them opportunity to know where to rob and where to go. Than when the victim family update their status saying that they will be going out.

That is the time this 2 boys strike and steal everything that is valuable from jewelry to laptop. But lucky their neighbor caught them and been sent to court of burglary. 

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This is some of the picture i found from the profile picture that is fake posted at facebook. Some of the people would steal someone identity and act as them especially stealing girls identity by putting different name and using her facebook picture. But no matter how much people warn about it people still don’t care about it and continue to the same.

You can know the account is fake by real by seeing what they are doing such as updates,picture and etc. They also use celebrities picture to attract their victim. But we can’t blame them because we all are giving opportunities to them such as putting too much private information into the net like phone number,address,email and etc.


There is a hacking device to steal your Email and Password! Is this scaring you?

You better be scared because:


You will not know who is that person?

What is he/she doing with it?

Are you gonna be the next victim?

Are they watching every step i am doing?


Other than Facebook,Twitter there is another way criminal can get details about us even worst the writer willingly give out or too much details about themselves that put them in risk.  Still don’t know what is that? Can see clearly at the picture!

It is BLOG because about 70% of girls out there blog about themselves like where they eat,do, and everyday life routine and this give people opportunities to know you well and what is your lifestyle this give criminal opportunities to monitor their victim and when to strike. Not only type of about themselves but picture and stuff this give them clear image how does it look like.

Complaining to facebook saying that their privacy is not good enough! The blame is not at them but blame yourselves because their job is to connect people around the world and they did that.


So becareful and try not to be the next VICTIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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