Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fact That you should have known about DEATH!

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Sorry for this lousy post because quite busy at the moment which this and that if you have follow my twitter account you have known that i have said that “I am freaking tired now!But i still help people even though it is an extra work for me! Hope i can wake up in time tomorrow!!!!”

But i hope that what i do the people appreciate what i have done and on the same time i am not asking anything bad. That is why i have limited time  to post something extraordinary and also tomorrow i need to wake up early morning so that do not come to class late or miss it.

Back to the topic some of the people do not scared of death but some do! For me i am not scared of death because we can predict the future when this thing gonna happen so it is the best we enjoy our life ahead and when we want something it is the best we chase our dreams no matter it is about our career(work), Life(LOVE) etc.

Death is not a solution for the problem it is not only give headache to the people closes to you but remember the people that love you only give them more trouble than before. So think before you do anything because it can make a big difference even it take a long time or a short period of time.

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2 Lovely Comment:

MizArWeN said...

human head stays conscious for 15-20 sec afta beheading...dats SCARY! cockroach live up to 9 days wfout d DATS SO COOL!

Jimmy T said...

Ya it is scary after i read about it! Cockorach is the most weirdest and scariest insect ever after seeing how many leg they have!