Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Surprise is BETTER than Without a SURPRISE!

Do you know what i mean?

* This topic come to my mind because saw a post somewhere and some more the month of October there is many people BIRTHDAY

I mean is like if we give people a surprise is better than giving someone a normal present that they would expect that it will happen sooner or later. It is better to give them a surprise or giving something that they would not expect it coming than that gift is priceless and will be remember for LIFE.

Now do you understand? Do you agree



She was like OMG!!! I got a big chocolate to grow fat with it ^^




Then she open it! She look at it but it don’t look like chocolate and it have crack here and there that can be seen like whitey stuff maybe it is white chocolate




Than she try to see what it is! It look like something hard!!!



Than she try to remove all the chocolate coating!!!



Than Jeng Jeng Jeng!! IT is IPAD OMG i wish i can get my hand on IPAD ISLATE according to source say that it is way better than APPLE but the different is just the Operating System(OS)



Look at her EXPRESSION you will know how she FEEL ^^



But i think it is a birthday present not only it is creative but it is special but Ipad is a hot selling stuff to date!!!


Just imagine this is someone that you wanted to give her something for her graduation,birthday and etc!


Some people expect people to know what to give them but some people don’t need a present to make their birthday happy they only need someone to be on their side or just to celebrate with them. That is all they need but if BF n GF relationship than it is a bit complicated the most complicated would be their anniversary because sometimes they put their expectation very high but at the end of the day it disappoint them.

Back to the topic about “Surprise is better than without surprise because it is better to surprise someone than nothing at all because it will give them a feeling of excitement and on the same time surpass their expectation and on the same time sending a message that the people around you still do not forget about you.


Sometimes in REALITY is that people who are close to you don’t even celebrate with you even they know what date it is but sometimes it cross our expectation is that people that you don’t breathe the same air or don’t see before in your life can give you a SURPRISE or something close it is way better than act like it never know about it whatsoever.

Don’t you agree? But it is a good thing because at the end of the day you will know who is your TRUE friend and which is not because some people come to you or want to know you it is because they want something from you if not they will act like they don’t even know you before in their life or just act like they care. But it is ok I KNOW WHO YOU ARE n HOW YOU THINK! ^^

You can say that you can read me but you are wrong!!!! Because i don’t want to tell you anything BLEKZ!


Just want to know what appropriate to give a GIRL or GUY for a PRESENT? MIND TO SHARE



- Anything Related to HEART (Chocolate)


- MONEY ( For Shopping until like there is no tomorrow)





- Electronic Devices (XBOX 360, PS3,Phone, LAPTOP,DESKTOP, GPS)

- FOOD ( Anything that is fry and taste nice on the mouth would be good enough)

- BEER ( Whiskey is the Best until they DROP)

- SPEND TIME ( We don’t need special gift just with someone we are close is more than enough)

- SPORT CAR ( I would love to Drive X6 or Skyline GTR)

* For me just a normal wish would be more than enough no need to be fancy here and there but the fancier the better if that person have the heart to do it because it make the experience way DIFFERENT!

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