Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you Want to Know The TALLEST TEEN in the WORLD!

Can you guess how tall is she?

Can you guess how old is she?

Do you think it is WEIRD?

Tallest Girl

After seeing this picture you will know actually how tall she is really it is. I wish that i can be taller no need to be so tall or too short just normal would be ok and it would make my life feel different and more comfortable. Even a girl is short it is ok because it will not make a difference the shorter they are the cuter they are according to general view. I am not saying tall girl is ugly there are beautiful just look how they groom themselves.

Will stop talking bullshit and now will talk about fact about her. Her real name is Elisany Silva and she is a brazilian girl and her birth date would be at 27 September 95 than she is only 14 years old and she have a bright future ahead with that height she can be a model in no time. Not only that she look cute too and adorable on the same time. You interested to know how cute is her on close up?

Tallest BABES kobe-bryant-guard-yao-ming

Cute right?

Just imagine that Yao Ming height is about 229 cm it is approximately about 7 feet 6 inches. For her height she is about 209 cm and it is approximately 6 feet 9 inches just shorter yao ming by 7 inches only so just imagine that.

Than she say that been tall is not a easy job but there is one advantage not can see everything high up it is acutally taller girls when doing catwalk look nicer compare to a shorter one. Than she say that her height have affected her life for example can’t play with her friend anymore and other than that she is force to quit school because she is too tall to fit into a bus.

Than sometimes she hit her head on ceiling because the ceiling is too low. Some of the doctor say that a type of disease that make her grow taller than normal.


Here is a video to proof my story is real not a make up story. If she join modeling she would be one of the tallest model in the WORLD! I TELL YOU IN THE WORLD. It is one in a lifetime experience for her to raise her fame on the same time making a lot of money out of it. Because she is different and unique than other model out there.

This phrase say that even her height is not normal but this will not hold her back because life is full of challenges if we give up easily we will not achieve nothing even the simplest thing. Everything we need to start from small to BIG my idea that for you to face challenges out there is to find a BF or GF for you to get the feel of it and what is the meaning of CHALLENGES.

Take it or leave it time will not wait for you so make sure use it wisely when it is over there is no turning back and you will regret the rest of your life. It does make a different if you know what is your goal and what are you really doing.



2 Lovely Comment:

Daphne Le Lyra said...

she is sooo damn tall oo jimmy..but pity la cuz not all things normal for her..huhu..i beg she cnt even enter a car oo..haha..

i been studying like hell..going to hv my final soon oo..n my internet really sux..huhu...bout d visit..i get like less than 30..i less updated my blog bout my life..mayb life is too good for me now..lol!!

Jimmy T said...

Daphne@ Ya she is so freaking tall i wish that i can be taller! Ya she can't even enter a bus it will be worst for a bus.

Good Luck!!!! Ya life is GOOD we should enjoy as much as possible before we can't experience it again. I love my college life i will know that one day i can't experience something like this anymore