Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you want to know FOOD or DRINKS Sugar CONTENT!!!!!


I bet you after seeing this pictures you will stop drinking soft drinks like you always do this picture have make me stop drinking soft drinks because it is scary after you see the sugar content of the drinks. So my best solution of this all would be drink water it is colorless,tasteless, and it is PRICELESS to drink it.

During i am young i always drink all the weird weird soft drinks like F n N Orange,Coca Cola,Pepsi,Kick a SHIT(KICKAPOO)  but after seeing more and more people are getting diabetes it is getting scarier n scarier day by day. I think i will stop singing story here and show you a chart of different type of drinks and food that contain high amount of sugar in it.


As you can see in the picture the highest amount of canned drinks would be A&W, KICKAPOO, Coca COla this is some of the drink that we normally drink  and that is why the drinks taste so good because we are actually drinking


Sugar Water+Coloring+GAS= SOFT DRINKS as easy as ABC!!!!

So do you still dare to drink? Drinking soft drink can be stop but stopping smoking would be a challenge like climbing the Mount Everest that is how hard they can only stop smoking. Do you know that you can see on the chart that Malaysia is one of the top 10 sugar consumer in the world.

Other than that an average Malaysian consume about 26 teaspoon of sugar man on daily basis! Just imagine how much is the sugar that can damage your kidney that sooner or later you will be facing trouble sooner than expected. So make sure you control on your sugar consumption like petrol consumption because for now nothing bad will happen but in the future you will suffer.

That is why i love this word so much “Prevention is Better than CURE” now do you agree with me?


So eat this also cannot eat that also cannot scared it is FAT or TOO SWEET i think the best would be we just eat grass. Actually i am trying to say it is eat more vegetables than eating oily food like burger,mee goreng, tahi goreng, minyak goreng and so on. But i am not trying to say for you to become VEGETARIAN eat veggie more and meat also is important for you to build MUSCLE.



Just imagine that a can of Coca Cola is 7 teaspoon of sugar for 325ml and just imagine how much of teaspoon of sugar for 1.5 litre = It is 32 teaspoon of sugar just imagine putting 32 spoon of sugar into a cup that is how much you are eating sugar. Like taking a spoon eating a sugar for dinner.

Do you still remember McDonald is a famous place where we can get cheaper Lunch at McDonald for lunch time for only 5.95 and also free drinks. Just imagine this again how many times have you refill maybe it have reach more than 50 teaspoon of sugar. After seeing the quantity sugar on food n drinks it give me a feeling of COMA if i see SUGAR.

Look at OBAMA!!! Drinking PEPSI

Koko Krunch Model

Just imagine in the chart Koko Krunch small pack contain 13 teaspoon of sugar i still remember that when i am small i can finish a whole box by myself after seeing the the sugar contain i better eat grass than paying to buy a product to eat sugar instead. Don’t you agree?

Stay Healthy! Or you want to Eat Sugar,Drink Sugar,Smell Sugar JUDGMENT DAY = DIABETES by than you will row row row your boat in a wheel chair instead because of that sugar have cause your life forever than you can row everywhere with REGRET!


Seeing the chart is giving me a HEART ATTACK!


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