Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween is around the CORNER! Should Celebrate in STYLE




For me i do not know much about Halloween i think i heard that Halloween is at 31 October 2010 it fall on SUNDAY! Because in Malaysia Halloween is not as hot as like in the United States but i can say that it is fun to celebrate with weird costume and style of people wearing it. But some people is not only wear costume but too find or look on hot chicks ^^

What i hear about Halloween they are normally celebrate in CLUB that some people dance like there is no tomorrow and another one would be people that is celebrating in college wearing some of the hideous or funniest costume that you can’t imagine seeing it or wanted to see it again that is so bad that you will puke all over yourselves.



Guys and Girls any idea where can we celebrate than in college(BORING) or CLUB(TOO NOISY and wearing costume in there people don’t even look at it and i think they drink BEER they can imagine the costume too). Do you hear this phrase before there is always something new to experience or there is always first time in something ^^

So anybody would interested to invite me to any Halloween would be happy to go because i want to finish the year of 2010 in style because this year is more happening than other year that i have ever experience before and want to finish the year 2010 in STYLE. Sometimes in life we should be laid back and do not expect anything much.

Because thing will happen to you like a SURPRISE but you put your expectation too high it will always disappoint you at last. When time goes by you will slowly know life is all about. OOpppps a bit out of topic already let me get back to the topic.

halloween06 halloween07

I can see so many of people are excited to party like there is no tomorrow!!!!!!!!! Not a clubbing type of person so if you say anything about it maybe i will go blur blur blur!!!! Another thing don’t drink and drive.



Just want to share something!!!!!!

It is something i want to share that keep bugging me on my mind. I want to say that why sometimes people that you know quite well or you see their face everyday they don’t even care to share or celebrate something with you like you do not exist in this world. Even do not have the heart to just drop a message whatsoever at least you do something it is your effort than do nothing at all.

But the thing that surprise me the most that people that you don’t know can even give something or share with you even they don’t see you always or the first time. I can say that this happen it is because it is something related to MALAYSIAN MENTALLY and i am curious to know more but do not have much time to think about it.


Because i have so many assignment and revision to do so no time to run or play around like normally i do. But i can say that we should always have fun and meet with new people because knowing more people it give you an advantage in something that see how you look on it. Sometimes it can be A,B,C,K, or Z.

So make sure after seeing all the picture don’t droll at my blog!!!!!

halloween28 halloween34

Halloween is something that we should celebrate together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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