Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fact About SEX!!

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Nowadays who don’t talk about sex. If a person never talk sex maybe they have a mental problem or they need to get laid once a while. If now you feel weird or something when you are in a relationship than you reach a period of time you will surely will thinking about it. It is just about matter of time when it gonna happen.

But we should not always keep asking or like a pervert it will be annoying. Most of the time we should control it not you feel you want it you just do it because it is call “DESPERATE” so get a life. But people can say that guys keep looking at girls will be call pervert. If a guy than look on a hot girl they will surely not a guy because possibility he will be gay or something like that.

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SonnyKazu said...

An interesting and LMAO post! :D