Friday, October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

Iphone 4 Plan DIGI

Here is the iDigi Plan for Iphone 4! Don’t you think it look so attractive?

Not really sure which plan to choose from because all the 3 plan for me is good and if you are like me and not sure which plan  fret not Digi have introduce that you can upgrade your plan later if you interested the another plan. But just to tell you the truth which plan you take have their benefit it is just more or lesser only.


For me i would love to get iDigi 88! All the plan will give you free usage of Voice,SMS,MMS, and Internet for a limit. Damn after looking at this plan it make me want to get my hand on Iphone 4 as soon as possible. Other than that if you use more than the limit have given usage you just have to play lesser than a normal postpaid line.

Told ya Digi Plan is so attractive not only you get a free usage and after using the usage they have given you pay cheaper price than normal. It is a one in a lifetime that this would happen.


If you are person that love to use your handphone to online to view facebook,read news and etc. If you are worry that you uses over the limit and worry that you can be charge every bytes that you use. Don’t worry Digi plan will not charge extra after monthly quota. Do you feel that your dreams is coming true?


Other benefit you will get cheaper call with Friends & Family. For up to 6 numbers is quite good already. Two for parents,One for girlfriend, 2 for best friends and extra one more give to stranger that you possible would want to put their number in.

And for another thumb up benefit is that supplementary lines will get FREE calls,SMS, and MMS! That is quite good for up to 6 Family members. Now everything is cheaper and on the same time free benefit.

Digi Widest Coverage

Now i totally agree that DIGI is  giving us a wider coverage and on the same time cheaper! Now i really adore the BIG YELLOW MAN “I Will FOLLOW YOU” I love Digi commercial on the TV not only it is interesting but on the same time it is humors!!!!

Look at this Siamese Twin Commercial is INTERESTING ^ ^ Now i know why people keep saying DIGI always the smartest choice. No matter who come first or last DIGI is still one of the best with their plan that they give their customer something more and worth their money for paying something.

Here this DIGI song I WILL FOLLOW YOU even you do the big business or small business in the toilet they will give you the BEST coverage no matter where you are. I love the one that the Yellow Man go to the farm and step on the poop!!! That is EPIC!!!


And Now is the Price and Payment there is 2 type of option to pay!

OPTION 1 one would be Buy with Cash and Credit Card


Look at the iphone price after saving it can go as low as RM290! Damn CHEAP!!!!!


OPTION 2:  With Installment


Even paying Installment it cost a bit more but it still worth it. Just look at DIGI bull it have 0 monthly fee and only pay extra usage that you have uses for that period of time. Owning Iphone 4 is not about you are rich or not. Even who also can own Iphone 4 now because Iphone 4 is the phone from the future and it is the phone people are talking about.

Any country that Iphone 4 arrive to their country is SOLD OUT in minutes. So remember to be fast before it happen it again. Because the Iphone 4 is so hot that we want to get our hand on it.

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kelhome said...

the only place i did not get DIGI coverage in Kota Bharu and Kubang Kerian is in Pharmacy, HUSM..