Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here is some of Picture People getting WEDGIES

1_6  1310atomic_wedgie 26jun7-going-for-the-atomic-wedgie_07814_5260_thumb 23456_Nearly-Atomic-Wedgie_620  wedgie102449160346d2a1cb6beiq3    wedgie_13  wedgie-41628 wedgies_holy_taco_atomic_2   wedgies_holy_taco_atomic_10  wedgies_holy_taco_atomic_13  wedgies_holy_taco_atomic_17 wedgies_holy_taco_atomic_20 wedgies_holy_taco_atomic_22

You should try one someone! haha They will feel Wild or pain as hell! You should try on someone and see their reaction. Surely their face will look like LOL!

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