Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can you Believe? A Iguana Stuck on a Tree

Iguana Stuck

Does it look like a Iguana? Open your eye wide wide and see nicely! If you can’t see it use a magnifying glass to see more clear and big enough.

According to a true story:

Located somewhere that I do not want to know, even i know i will not know where is it! Many people gather around the tree because they saw a iguana stuck on tree and creating so much noise and more and more people cover the tree. They thought that really a iguana stuck on a tree.

Iguana Stuck

After that they call rescuer to save the cute iguana on the tree. When the rescuer have arrived and climbed on the tree. When they saw what was it really was they start laughing and at last the people that gather around laugh their ass off. But it really look like iguana at far but actually nature is pranking on us.


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