Monday, April 26, 2010

Lamborghini Murcielago LP670! Look Hot,Stylist,Awesome


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Look at the back it look gorgeous only that i can afford it, I would be happiest person in my life. The car look sporty with that spoiler it is way better than Lexus.


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Hmmm the front just look like same old Lamborghini nothing much special about the front only looking from front to back with the spoiler popping out at the back make the car look more slick and stylist. With the model standing at the side it make even better.


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The side have similarity like the old Murcielago but the corner it is with Carbon Fiber and the side design look Porsch not Porsche ok! Hmmm for the tires it does not have anything special about it just look normal black tires but it look ok with the car.



On the inside it look nice because the black and orange it fit together nicely and the design make the car look special. Hope it is as fast as a BMW M6. Maybe they should use red than orange will make the car look more alive and hot.



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Everything look hot! Do they offer buy 1 free one? But the car look amazing. Sadly it is a limited edition in China!

- 670 Horsepower

- All Wheel Drive

- China Limited Edition(Even your name is put on the car)

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