Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Celebrity That Have Cheated on Their Wife!

Here is some of husband that cheated on their wife with other mistress. It show that most of people from rich and famous have a lot of juicy news when it come on cheating. The biggest buzz of the world is Tiger woods. Let start………………….



Elizabeth Edwards(Wife)                 Rielle Hunter(Mistress)


John Edwards


Christie Brinkley(Ex-Wife)           Diana Bianchi(Mistress)


Peter Cook (Ex Husband Christie)

I know I know you are getting boring of the 2 person. Don’t worry I will show you some of the obvious that have make buzz in the news.

sandra_bullock__ michelle_bombshell6

Sandra Bullock(Wife)                                                  Michelle Bombshell(Mistress)


Jesse James( Ex-Husband Sandra Bullock)


Elin Woods( Ex Wife Tiger Woods)                           

Tiger Woods Mistress

Rachel,Jamie,many many many more(Mistress)


Tiger Woods(Ex-Wife Elin)

2009_0507_today_kategosselins a-deanna-hummel-photo

Kate Gosselin( Ex Wife Jon)                                                 Deanna Hummel(Mistress)

michael lohan hamptons 270709

Jon Gosselin( Ex husband Kate)


Angeline Jolie( Affair)                                              Jennifer Aniston( Girlfriend)


Brad Pitt(Wife Angeline Jolie)

It known that during the movie Mr. Mrs Smith Brad have affair or whatever he did with Angeline when his real girlfriend was Jennifer. But as you know that he breakup wtih Jen and married Angeline mean during that time both of them have cheated or affair according to news.

SGY-0155702 daisywright

Sienna Miller(Wife)                                                  Daisy Wright(Sex,Mistress Whatever it is)


Jude Law(Couple Sienna Miller)

Jude Law have bad taste. See her wife damn hot but have *ahem* with a Nanny! LOL! Do you all agree?

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Anonymous said...

your caption is very confusing. for example ellin woods (ex wife tiger woods) then tiger woods (ex-wife ellin). what are you trying to say. and please add an "OF" it is not troublesome to type.

Anonymous said...

WTH...d wives are far more beautiful than d mistresses...

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ My Bad maybe in the future i would look into it

Mizarwen@ SOme of them but Tiger woods quite beautiful and Jude Law got bad taste lol