Monday, April 5, 2010

Do you want to GET Kiss by a CELEBRITY?

If you interested I can help you out! It is not fake i will show you step by step!


Look at her do you feel the LOVE? Don’t worry you will have your chance after you done reading my post. I would love to have a KISS from her too.

You have the opportunity to kiss Aya Kiguchi, Yukina Kinoshita and Yutaka Teshima all the hot Japanese Female. Do you really believe that haha! Actually 3 of that female make a mold of their lips that are make from silicone. You can attach it anywhere even the place you really like.

how_to_kiss_640_04 how_to_kiss_640_06

Here is the another 2 female sharing their KISS to people!

how_to_kiss_640_03 how_to_kiss_640_05 how_to_kiss_640_07

There is 3 color to choose from. But I like the pink color was wondering which female lips is that! Can’t see their lips all of them is kissing the CUP should kiss me instead.



Here is the way where you can put it and get kiss on the same time while drinking water! Creative right? I think it is better i kiss a real person by putting water in a cup than the silicon stuff.

how_to_kiss_640_12  how_to_kiss_640_14 how_to_kiss_640_15

Here is the instruction what you should do and don’t when you use it! Don’t put on a cat or dog!


Finally here is the PACKAGING of the 3 Hot Female!

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Waaa! yeng dou bao~ hahaha

Jimmy T said...

dou bao?

araleling said...

Wah.. like that also can??

Jimmy T said...

araleling@ Surely can you can make your edition one also!