Friday, April 9, 2010

There is a famous Pervert? Do you know WHO


Capture Capture2

But see the first and second picture beckam was looking at somebody butt. I think he wish that her wife butt will look like that but so sad he only can look on it!


I think Victoria caught Beckam watching helplessly on that cheerleader butt !


haha Beckam trying to say sorry to her! Love the expression of Victoria


Haha! Look at that!

Maybe we should not categorize it as pervert maybe he was curious of something. Maybe there is a stain or something behind the cheerleader we should not make our conclusion too fast or judge it

It make my day after seeing this wonderful clip! I love the EXPRESSION only

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I like the last pic of Beckam ! look so innocent cute! ;D

Jimmy T said...

Tan@ Haha look like you! Always