Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don’t you think Female Surfer is Hot?

surf_08 surf_10

Don’t you think they look hot? Or you want to try surfing too

surf_01 surf_02

But i think is when even the female surfer fall or fail in some of her stunt everybody will still praise her and give a clap because of trying. But for guys it will be different when a guy fail a stunt surely people will tease her, lose to a girl or saying you are a Fuking Noob! Should try better luck next time. Don’t you think what am i saying is really true?


Did you see anything nice in the picture? If me yes i do! =]

Don’t be so dirty minded accuse me seeing *boobs* i say look at the wave it look gorgeous when she is surfing on it

surf_05 surf_06 surf_07

Can you see they are surfing in style! I can’t even do it myself! I think the water touches me and I will surely fall without any much effort by the current of the water.


This is what i am waiting for! Finally that B* fall Muhahahahahaaha

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2 Lovely Comment:

HEMY said...

wow...that first picture is damn great skill.but we will never see malayian girl surfing

Jimmy T said...

Hemy@ I hopping to have a GF that can surf too!