Friday, April 16, 2010

Anorei and Claire have Natural Boobs of 40LL! Juicy News Inside

First I will start with Anorei Collins before that her breast size was 40LL but now it is 38NN. It does grow can you believe that?
Not only that she is also an adult model. She have been modeling at Big Tits Glamour. People attract to her or notice her is that big boobs she have in that shirt. Most of the picture of her is showing her big boobs but i think she love the attention no matter how big it was. But according to people and experience say that even the female look ugly with a big boobs it can make the women look more beautiful.

 240px-ArtisticshadowAnorei 240px-AnoreiBuxomPinupModel

If you don’t believe you can try asking some guys about it. But even it attract a lot of attraction of people there is consequences sooner or later when she is getting older and older by the day.

anorei_collins_02 anorei_collins_01
Looking at that already giving me a back ache even i don’t have the opportunity carrying the 10kg balloon or something. She is only 23 years old and she is really young. According to her 40LL Boobs can still grow even bigger by the day but i think she will not reduce the size but to let it to become bigger an bigger.
Can you believe it? That her boobs is natural According to source say that it is natural

Next is Claire! Suffocated her Boyfriend with her Big Gigantic Boobs!
According to source her boobs weight 1 tons each! When Claire and her boyfriend was having sex her boyfriend having a weird moving and she assumed that he was getting excited. But a few minutes later when she lift up her 1 ton boobs up and saw that her boyfriend is not moving. She panic and wanted to call 999 but after that her boyfriend wake up from the blackout.
She is the second biggest boobs in Britain for the first is 40M Donna Jones 24 years old.
That why even you have a big boobs you should becareful where you put it you will never know you will kill someone.

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OMG! really big boobs ! XD

Anonymous said...

yup.. read that news.. it was CREEPY!

Jimmy T said...

Tan@ Yup it is useless BIG

Shirleen@ I am feeling scared now!lol

Dewi Batrishya said...

Haha.. U got slap by that & u'll be flying to the moon.. LOL.. =P

Jimmy T said...

Dewi@ It hurt more than a stone!

Anonymous said...

1 ton? u dumbfuck!