Monday, April 19, 2010

Fact About FART! That Smell Yeeewwzzz

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Understand it and don’t do it again! 5yvv4y

But when you want to release some air aka fart try not to mud butt yourself. It will feel yucky and disgusting on the same time. Not only that maybe it can some special smell coming out from your watery shit! Muahahaha


*Ahem* to tell you the truth long long ago i have poop on my pants because have a very bad stomach ache but scared that the teacher will not give me to go the toilet. After pooping on my pants i keep walking i wish that the shit will not drip on the floor. Lucky the teacher give me to got to the toilet. After that throw away my undies.

So don’t always be so happy keep farting this and that you will never know poop will come out instead. Good Luck in that

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8 Lovely Comment:

mizarwen said...

Evn dead ppl can fart? unbelievable! and termites d top farter? LOL

Jimmy T said...

Mizarwen@ Yup quite weird! lol

kumfye said...

nice post there...i love farting la....fart on people face...haha...damn wai...haha

sic said...

hahahhaha...damn nice!

Jimmy T said...

Kumfye@ Should try on your Love one haha! So that when you do it they will not get offended

Sic@ You should try mud fart!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read a bit more soon. By the way, pretty nice design you have here, but what do you think about changing it from time to time?

Jimmy T said...

Anonymous@ Ya i think so but not really good in design maybe you can help me out!!