Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iphone 3GS vs Iphone 4G! Iphone 4G Found in a BAR

Iphone 4G

Here is the comparison between 3GS and 4G. By the way someone have found a Apple 4G in a bar before it actual release date. Maybe someone working in Apple have accidentally put it and forget to take it. According to source that it was found at San Jose Bar in a Iphone 3GS case.


By looking at the phone it have a front camera, 80GB storage in the phone,a higher resolution camera with flash, and takes MicroSIM cards. It specification is quite the same as the picture on top. A lot of rumor flying around it is a fake from China or Japan. According to engadget a picture that have leaked picture in it show that it is sitting at the corner of the picture all along if you notice it.


See the pointer on the right it show that have a aluminium cover it look like Iphone 3GS case. Maybe this leaked picture was taken by mistake with an iphone 4G at the corner. Hope so!

Rumor from Weiphone it have a similar device that look like Iphone 4G that found in the bar but it can be a China make because it have a small different comparing of the both picture.

Good Luck for waiting for Iphone 4G!

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TOLANIC said...

The spec for 4G is bullshit.

Jimmy T said...

Tolanic@ Yup! Haha Steve Job

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