Sunday, April 11, 2010

Look at the Massive Traffic JAM!


Have you stuck in this kind of traffic jam before?

Look like the bus cover the whole road and nowhere to in or out from the road.

If it is really happen one day we will all stuck in this horror traffic jam for hours maybe days too. It will not be fun waiting for your turn! haha

But look at the bright side we can have more time for ourselves enjoying the music and on the same time we can bugeee!

But look at the reality we will surely curse and swear like WTF why not a freaking car is moving! I am not so free to stuck in a freaking traffic jam maybe next time i would take a helicopter to work it will be faster. Lucky i did not encounter this kind of traffic jam before but heard it have happen before.

Like in Malaysia it happen a hailstorm happen in Uptown Area and Damansara small popsicle ice drop from the sky hurting all the beautiful car on the road.

2 Lovely Comment:

TOLANIC said...

OMG, anytime accident can happen.

Jimmy T said...

Ya Agree! If fire start the whole row will be fry nicely!