Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cat that can READ! Can you Believe it?

Be hold one and only Kitty that can READ!


Maybe the in the future I will call my pet to read it and i will be sleeping on the bed. It will be more fun when someone reading it to you. On the same time you can fantasy what the story is all about. This cat have speculated and circulated of this picture showing the cute cat reading a book. According to source say that it is from China.


As you can see the cat is like really reading taken by the owner of the cat. The cat is a SHE too not the S.H.E singer the female She


Look at that the cat is sitting like normally how we sit and read our book! It give me a BIG LOL



The cat is really focusing on the book as you can see the expression of the cat. Can you see the eye with commitment reading all the Chinese word even myself i would not read a story book


Maybe the cat was thinking aaaaahhhh the book is attacking let my claw finish it! or something lol Maybe the she cat is trying to flip the page


As you notice the cat is still on the same page as the top picture. Maybe the cat is tired of reading already and slowly feeling sleeply.

But from my perspective the cat can’t flip the page until it feel tired can’t flip a single page!


Aaaahhhhh! It is Tired and Fall Asleep! That is what I normally do when I am reading a book! Weird right?

How about your cat? Take picture of it eating poop or something and post it up! Muhaha

3 Lovely Comment:

Dewi Batrishya said...

HaHaHaHa.. So funny when the cat tried to sit while reading.. :P

Jimmy T said...

Dewi@ Ya i wish my cat can do that even i dont have one!

Lindy said...

Smart cat. LOL!