Monday, April 12, 2010

Japanese Festival of phallus(Sexuality GOD)

Did you heard this kind of festival before? But it is celebrate by the Japanese

By the way the festival is celebrate to praised the Sexuality god and on the same time asking protection from it for example from disease and so on. The Phallic Festival have been celebrating since 300 years ago. Most of the people that joining this festival are not shy about their needs.

festival_04 festival_05 festival_06 festival_09

You will never know when you go to this festival, when you come back you will gain something that normally people will give to you. Come back as a happy man. If you feel lonely don’t worry go to this festival and you will be a new person when you come back.

festival_11 festival_12 festival_13

Look at that Gigantic PENIS! Does yours as big as that?

phallic10 festival_08 festival_10 

This is some of the souvenir that you can buy at the festival and maybe can buy that as a present for your girlfriend if she really need it. Good for both party!


Worshipping PENIS!


Look at that kids expression! He was WTF is that it is freaking BIG! I wish I have that big as mine!

phallic1 phallic

Do you want to celebrate too? Look at the pinkish color the hello kitty version i presume. Japanese what a unique culture. Normally you can hear much interesting stuff happening in Japan for example school girl where short skirt  -_- and etc etc. Maybe should find a Japanese wife for myself would be FUN to learn their culture everyday can get sushi. 

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Lindy said...

OMG...gross festival.

Jimmy T said...

Don't be shy to share it! lol just joking!

MichLeong said...

My friends did a presentation about this festival in class. THEY HAD VIDEOS SOME MORE! The lecturer was Malay btw. Lecturer sit beside me keep squeezing my hand, chanting "OMG!" and keep looking away from screen. hahahhaa. so funny.

Jimmy T said...

Mich@ Surprise my post can be a presentation. Haha your lecture